This is the sourceforge project for BTDSys machines (plugins) for the freeware music creation program Buzz. To learn more about Buzz check these links, many of which are probably dead.

All released machines are here including a machine with LdC and a few miscellaneous utilities.

If you're looking for an old machine and can't find it, try looking in Ye Olde Zip Repository but watch out for the little spiders and try not to disturb the bats.

Source code for some machines is available at SourceForge. You can get a copy by following the "anonymous CVS access" instructions here, or by browsing it on the web here.

BTD has currently retired from music and Buzz so please don't try to contact him directly about this stuff. Please use the tracker system to report bugs/request features etc. The repository keys have been handed to IX, a lowly henchman who will keep the torches burning until the master gets back.

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